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About Us
Hidekata Chino
Hidekata Chino
Corporate philosophy
Contribute to the progress of scientific technology by our accumulated knowledge and be faithful in the performance of our social duties through fair business activities.
Corporate basic principles on environment
Share the common desire of mankind to protect environment. Our business activities should comply with earth friendly concept and based on environment-consciousness.

Creative & development oriented company
Since the corporate estalishment in 1955, EYELA has been devoted to accumulate R&D knowhow and to create leading-edge scientific technology. Backed up by these assets, together with technological excellence and patents, EYELA continues releasing customer satisfied products
Reliable partner to customers
EYELA offers wide range of laboratory equipment and instruments to satisfy customer's demand. Customers are easy to identify products they need through EYELA multi-lingual home page. Customer center is open to any question or request from customers on EYELA products and service/repair support center is also available for technical and service requirement. Updated product information, exhibition/seminor information and application news are offered to customers by way of HP and monthly released mail magazines. EYELA distributors and dealers are in close and intimate relation with EYELA through events such as new product workshop and exchange meeting.
High-mix low-volume manufacturing based on modern industrial engineering
Almost all EYELA products are developed and made in Japan. Our Japanese main factory is located in Miyagi, Tohoku area of Japan where rigid quality management system is introduced as ISO 9001, ISO 14001. High-mix low-volume manufacturing system based on MRP concept is realized there. Our factory in Shanghai, China adopts same level of quality assurance and contributes to worldwide distribution of EYELA products.
Maintenance of quality
In 1994, EYELA obtained ISO 9001 certificate; first in Japan for laboratory equipment manufacturers. All employees are requested to reflect EYELA quality management policy to their daily work "Understand customer needs and supply products and services to realize customer satisfaction." This quality management policy applies not only to individuals but also to corporate as a whole and to every stage of division/department. As corporate as a whole, we are committed to achieve customer satisfaction and try to improve efficiency day by day.
Contribution to environmental issues
In 2007, ISO 14001 certificate was obtained. All the corporate staff are expected to "Propose environmentally friendly products & service." "Give priority to decrease environmental load in executing business process". Environment evaluation sheet is created at every section of the company to pay attention to environmental issues related to daily work there.