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Rotary Evaporator

N-1110V・S series
* Standard type featuring compact size and excellent cost performance
* Manual jack type: Weight balancing up/down stroke 100mm + manual slide 150mm
* Rotation speed: 20 ~180rpm
* With or without bath
* Evaporation capacity: Max. 25mL/min (water)
* CE certified
Rotary Evaporator

N-1110E・WE series
* Rotation speed: 20~180rpm
* Evaporation capacity: Max. 20mL/min
* Jack function: Weight balancing slide 100mm + manual slide 150mm
* Condenser: Vertical double helix condenser
Rotary Evaporator

* Basic and compact evaportor without condenser.
* AN type can be connected directly to a rod.
* Rotation speed: 20~180rpm
* Without jack or with manual jack.
* Sample flask: Eggplant shape 300mL