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Personal Organic Synthesizer Process Station PPS-1511
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ChemiStation is a 5-position organic synthesizer which is designed to improve the efficiency of process development of new reactions and catalysis, examination of reaction condition and synthesis of intermediates.

Individual setting of the temperature for each position enables examination by 5 types of temperature conditions simultaneously, allowing to achieve the most effective synthesis route.
PPS-1511・2511・3511  are also equipped with reflux and gas replacement functions required for organic synthesis, in addition to temperature control and stirring.
Synthesis scale can be changed by changing the aluminum block.


•Ramp temperature control
•5 different temperature can be set for 5 test tubes.
•Synthesis scale: 1-4mL
•Temperature control range: -23~160℃
•Strong stirring by ferromagnetic stirrer

:Liquid-liquid extraction
:Aggregating concentration
:Inert gas controller