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Why don’t you handle EYELA evaporators?

EYELA is an exclusive laboratory manufacturer who was founded in 1955. 
EYELA evaporators are our chief products among others and have been in use at as many as 200K scientists in the world. We are looking for partners who can work with EYELA.

Advantage & Benefit as a EYELA distruibutor & dealer

  • Plenty product Line-up

    50 evaporators have been in line-up. Those cover from pre-analysis to production wide-extensively.  EYELA is only one manufacture who can fill broad needs of customers.

  • All surrounding machines supplied by one single EYELA

    The best machine combination can be proposed among EYEA Circulators, Vacuum pumps, Solvent collectors, Cold traps. All the machines receive as one bundled order.

  • No 1 installation record in Asia

    EYELA evaporators have been hired by many scientists in the world for more than half century and have received good reputation of reliability and security. We are proud of No. 1 installation record in Asia.

  • Developing, Manufacturing, Selling as all EYELA’s important belongings

    Under EYELA’s product development which has been built up by precious voices  from as many as 1 million scientists for long time, manufacturing and selling take place by EYELA. It delivers EYELA’s high quality and service to customers.

  • Rapid customer service

    Rapid customer service is always ready.  It has maintained machines under good shape and has satisfied EYELA users.

  • Consumables ready for shipping

    Rapid shipping systems has been established for consumables and shipping will be effected within 24 hours.

  • Fulfilled Sales training and technical training

    EYELA keep supporting distributors providing Sales training and Technical training.

Steps until join to EYELA distributors

    • Distruibutors info. on EYELA home page
    • Demo machines to be picked-up with special prices
    • Sales training in practice
    • Technical training in practice
    • Sales

Contact about EYELA distruibutor

Please contact us from here about EYELA distributor.