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Reasons why EYELA evaporator is selected

Plenty product line-up from pre-analysis to production
(50 different evaporators)

Test tube size 1mL – Flask size 100L

50 different EYELA evaporators can fill all scientist needs from small amount use to large amount use.
EYELA has full line-up of ways of evaporation such as rotation, centrifugal, vibration, gas-blowing etc. which are chosen by variety of container and sample.

Related and necessary surrounding machines (60 different kinds) supplied together as a system

All necessary surrounding machines can be arranged by single supplier of EYELA and the most suitable lab environment can be built-up with.

Indispensable machines of low temperature circulator, vacuum pump, vacuum controller, solvent collection unit, cold trap, can be chosen by all EYELA brand as the most suitable system. It is possible to control all EYELA machines from an EYELA vacuum controller as a HMI.

More than 200K EYELA evaporators operated by scientists for more than half century

Feeling satisfaction and reliability that is backed by No 1 installation in Asia

Up to now, more than 200K EYELA evaporators have been operated by many scientists. No 1 Installation record especially in Asia ! 
Since the first EYELA evaporator N-1 was launched in 1965, EYELA has been enjoying good reputation among scientists in the world.

High quality because of all round lab player

Production through quality system certified under ISO

Because of all round player who covers from development, production and sales, high quality has been maintained stably. 
Needs which are required by scientists are kept in EYELA product & service, and are reverted to EYELA users.

Fast customer support

Feeling secure with the customer service ready

Because substitute machines are ready when mal-function and repair, down-time is minimized. You can enjoy EYELA extensive customer support after your purchase.

Consumables with swift shipping ready

Shipping within 24 hours from EYELA distribution center

Vacuum seal and Rotary joint will be shipped in 24 hours upon your request.

Consumables succeeded in common over generations

Products kept in high performance eternally

Contacting part of glassware has been designed in common among EYELA products as the glassware is fragile and it helps shipping flexibly and urgently when broken and requested for replacement. Strict quality checking has been placed so as to keep quality high level without failure of fitting.