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Product-line up updated Column Flow Reactor MCR-1000



The column type flow reactor is ideal for the evaluation of continuous-flow synthesis using immobilized catalysts.
The hand-packed cartridge column (SUS/glass) and highprecision aluminum-block heating reactor enable the effcient development of new catalysts and the evaluation of flow chemistry conditions.

  • It is a simple configuration with only a column heating reactor.The installation costs can be minimized by combining with existing equipment (liquid dispensing pump, etc.).
  • The temperature of heating reactor can be controlled from 50°C to 200°C.
  • Since it is a tabletop type, it can be installed in a space equivalent to that of a magnetic stirrer/oil bath. It can also be fixed to the frame in a fume hood.
  • Options for system upgrades include a mass flow controller for gas introduction, a pressure control valve unit for back pressure and a double plunger pump.

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Column Flow Reactor MCR-1000