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Product-line up updated Column Flow Reactor LCR-1300



This column flow reactor is ideal for the study of continuous flow synthesis using immobilized catalysts.The simple configuration consists only of a column and heating reactor.

The system can be freely constructed by combining a pump, gas adding unit, and other components. It can also be used for the studies of process development and multi-step reaction.

  • The length of the aluminum block thermostatic chamber has been extended to 300 mm.
    The range of conditions can be expanded, compared to the conventional model.
  • The column reaction vessel can be filled with catalyst by hand. Sample preheating and keep warm functions are equipped.
  • Three types of column end can be configured, 1-port for liquid phase, 2-ports for gas-liquid and 3-ports for gas-liquid/liquid-liquid.
  • The output terminal for managing and recording experimental data, and the alarm input/output terminal for monitoring errors are provided as standard equipment. The heating reactor can be attached to the laboratory angle rack.

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Column Flow Reactor LCR-1300